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Virginia is a light, attractive, unsurpassed dress in ivory. The corset is semi-transparent, with a sweetheart cut and a transparent insert in the middle. On the front, it is decorated with embroidered appliqués made of soft feathers, through which delicate and gentle sparkles will shimmer. The back is constructed of nude-colored mesh and goes below the line of the shoulder blades. The fastener is a hidden zipper. A semi-sheer skirt with a train has an incredible look due to its double-layered finish. The upper layer is lace with feathers, and the lower layer is the fabric with a gentle, unobtrusive shine. The fastening of the skirt is a hidden zipper. The look can be completed by removable wing sleeves decorated with embroidered lace and feathers. The dress can be produced with a lining in the skirt.

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