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Pure femme collection

Where there is great love, there are always miracles

Our collection is about the combination of sophistication and sexuality. Each dress is able to perfectly emphasize the charms of the body and make a woman a goddess on the most special day of her life. Feel yourself daring and passionate, elegant and desirable. And remember, you deserve the best.

My first collection of wedding gowns is about elegance and sexiness. The photo shoot took place on the shore of the picturesque town of Sagaro which is not far from Barcelona. Rocks, the sea and exquisite architecture perfectly emphasized the minimalism of the dresses. Less is more - beauty is in the details. The deep slits on the skirts is my favorite feature. They perfectly highlight the beauty and grace of the woman’s body. There is a lot of handwork on the dresses - embroidery with pearls, crystals and beads. Trendy and stylish corsets, the designs of which have been developed over the years, are able to perfectly emphasize a woman's waist and cleavage. Corsets are something I can be proud of and boldly declare that they are one of the best in the world. Also, the bride always has a choice of fabric from which the skirt will be made - silky organza or classic mikado.

Each dress will be accompanied by accessories that can change or complement the look of the bride so much that it will make guests hesitate whether it is the same dress. If the dress does not include a veil, bolero or headband, we can individually fulfill the wishes of the bride and do everything for her to feel like a queen on one of the most beautiful days of her life.


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