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Each of us strives for new discoveries

A new phase of my life has started when I discovered a great desire to create


For many years in a row, I created collections for Israeli, Spanish and American brands. I was incredibly passionate about this work and will continue to do it in the future


But the time has come when I wish to release my creativity and produce bridal gowns driven by my own philosophy of beauty and fashion.


Even though I enjoy other activities such as running a business, communicating with people or traveling with children and friends, my greatest passion is creating wedding gowns


I love making women beautiful and sexy, especially on their festive and unique day


When creating bridal gowns, I understand how to make them fit perfectly on a girl's figure, even if she is a thousand kilometers away from me

I spend weeks and even months adjusting the gown's details in order to achieve the perfect silhouette. My dream will come true when every girl from any corner of the planet could wear a high-quality and incredibly beautiful bridal gown made in Ukraine

 I am convinced that Ukrainian wedding gowns will take leading positions in the world

My country is such an original state with freedom loving and courageous people, which is going its unique way and writing its own history


My mission is to be a part of this history and create bridal gowns that will bring joy to women all around the globe.

We are actively moving towards the set goals.


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